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Become a member of the BEA and help shape the education.

The BEA has five forms of membership which include the following:

  1. Regular Member
    Any person of African (black) descent who adheres to the aims and objectives of the BEA, admitted to full membership and in good standing with membership fees.
  2. Associate Member
    Any person engaged or interested in the aims of BEA. That person may not vote, but may hold Executive Office.
  3. Member-at-large
    Representative of larger community, voting only at AGM’s, having paid dues 5 months prior to the AGMs. That member may not hold Executive Office.
  4. Organization Member
    Any African Canadian organization which adheres to the aims and objectives of the Association; who has been admitted to full membership in accordance with the procedures outlined in SECTION I and is in good standing with membership fees. The organization’s membership may participate at general meetings; however, the organization is entitled to one vote only.
  5. Youth/ Student Membership
    Any African Canadian person who is under 21 years of age or who is a full time student at any public or post secondary institution with the power to vote and hold Executive Office.

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